Sault City Street Rules

Sault Ste Marie City Streets ORV Rules

You must be 17 years of age or older, or at least 12 years of age with direct supervision of a person over 18 years of age.

Speed limit is 20MPH!

Abide by all traffic signs and lights.

Ride on the far-right portion of the road.

Do not ride on sidewalks or bike paths.


Stay on streets and alleys.

The following streets are CLOSED to ORV’s:

1-75 from 3 Mile Rd. to the International Bridge

M-129 from 3 Mile Rd. to I-75 Business Spur

I-75 Business Spur from 3 Mile Road to Portage Avenue

Portage Avenue from Ashmun Street to Sugar Island Ferry

Marquette Avenue from I-75 Bus. Spur to Shunk Road

Easterday Avenue from Davitt St. to Pine St.

Peck St. from Ashmun St. to Osborn Blvd.

Osborn Blvd. from Peck St. to Spruce St.

Spruce St. from Court St. to Pine St.

Nolte from Memorial Dr. to Pine St.

Memorial Drive between Nolte and Peck St..

  1. Portage Avenue from Ashmun St. to Osborn Blvd.