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What CC SORVA accomplished in 2023


Working with DNR and CC SORVA funding spent nearly $315,000 on YOUR Trails.

Met with the US Forest Service to propose additional trails/roads opened to ORV’s, focusing on a Dick Rd to Rudyard Route, and an Avery Grade based route west in a loop to Hulbert.

Finalized approval of 38 miles of new trails starting in Strongs and connecting with Bay Mills, Trout Lake, and Hulbert.  This included significant brushing by CC SORVA Volunteers along the Arbutus Truck Trail east of the Dick Rd.   The new trail designation allows for funding regular grading as well as maintenance gravel for improvement.

Slag Stone dispersal and coverage of the sandy area between 20th street and the pipeline crossing on Trail C.  This section of trail was always in bad shape as the loose sand would not hold a grooming/grading and remained rough throughout the year.

Slag Stone dispersal and coverage of the section of trail between 6 mile and Deland Rd near Brimley and a short section of trail near the gulley between 5 and 6 mile.  Both, sections of trail with water holes, loose sand and roots/ruts.

Repaired and replaced map boards throughout the trail system with new more durable maps and protective plastic covers used by ORV riders as well as Snowmobile riders

Contracted and completed monthly grading of the RR Grade trail from the Soo to Strongs and along the new Trail Sections

Conducted regular trail maintenance along the whole length of the RR Grade trail and other approved trails including fallen tree removal, trail signage, map boards, and brushing back corners for road crossing site lines.

Slag stone placement on the trail west of the Village of Brimley near Irish Line Rd.

CC SORVA leads monthly rides, for members to attend if they wish, including Crisp Point, Mouth of the Two Hearted River, Grand Marais and Danaher Plains areas.

Since 2020 CC SORVA has received over $900,000 in grant funds that have been used to maintain and improve our trails.

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