This Just In – Possible Good News!

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The Sault City Commission is thinking SERIOUSLY about allowing ORV’s on City streets! Same plan as with snowmobiles. This would be a great advantage to ORV riders that live in the City. It would give them a chance to hopefully get to a gas station and down to Ashmun Bay at the trailhead. There would be an opportunity for public input if it is proposed. And if it was put into effect, it would be in a trial mode for a period of time. It would not be carte blanche to ride all over the City! Most of the City is private property. So only the streets would be open. And it would get killed in a hurry if folks abused it. Talk with your friends and teenagers about what this would mean and how to conduct themselves if this does fly. Being upstanding citizens and respectful and careful operators, especially during the trial period, would be critical to making sure it stayed in effect.

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